It really is worth the time!

When thinking about decluttering a bedroom closet, it’s hard to narrow things down and really get rid of some clothing pieces.

I love options when I am looking for something to wear in my closet. Undoubtedly, that leads to having a number of clothing pieces so that I can easily mix and match. Here’s the funny thing though, even with all the options, I tend to default to only a few shirts, and a couple pairs of pants, then mostly fitness attire! So really, why do I need so many options??

Years ago, when my husband and I were trying to purge most of the contents of our house, I decided to go through my closet VERY thoroughly! I really wanted to know that the items I kept, were only pieces that I would actually wear AND feel great in!

I look in my closet today, and feel like, once again, I have ended up with some pieces that I never really gravitate to. So, why keep ’em??

Part of the ease, is that when I pull out something that I have recently worn, I already know what it will look like on. No need to try it on and wonder! Those items that I don’t wear as frequently are harder to predict if I can throw it on and feel great, or if I will throw it on, then feel like I need to change into something else. Which actually brings me to the time spender/saver for your closet.

Try things on!

Every few months, or maybe just a couple times per year, it’s worth it to try EVERYTHING on! Not all at once though, that would be awkward!!

Pick a day or a couple days and block off a chunk of time in your calendar to go through your closet, and truly try everything on! Try on every shirt, every pair of pants, the sweaters, the bathing suits, even fancy scarves, shawls and dresses! Try setting up wardrobe pairings that you normally wouldn’t just to see how things look together. Imagine yourself as a kid, playing dress up in the play clothes, or in your mom’s closet. Try on some of your clothing with different necklaces or earrings as well! Mix and match whatever you can to really see how your clothes make you feel.

Now things can start to get decluttered!!

Use the day to really ask yourself what pieces are worth keeping. If it doesn’t make you feel amazing, then it’s time to say good bye! There’s no point in keeping clothes around just because they have typically lived in your closet. If you didn’t like it when you tried it on, and you haven’t worn it in years, then use it as a sign that you are not meant to keep it! Instead, create some space to make your clothes easier to access, or make some room for a couple new refreshing pieces – you just might want to spend the time in the store trying things on so that you don’t just buy clothing to buy, but you buy clothing because it makes you feel powerful and amazing!

Why not find a day before the spring comes to try on your wardrobe! That way, once the warmer weather is upon us, you know you will look and feel amazing in your favourite clothing pieces!

Thanks for coming home!

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