Half day deep clean

Every now and again, life happens! What a shock, right? Life happening means that it’s harder to stay on top of everything coming in and out of the house. Meaning that some things start to pile up and get forgotten. Normal daily tasks get missed, and clutter starts to build up!

The problem with the clutter building up is that now it’s way harder to do a good thorough cleaning of the house. Now, everything just looks messy, and it feels almost impossible to keep up!

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there at some point!

If I really need to get back on top of things and feel the good old “I got this” voice in my head again, I start with a bit of a routine!

First – the floor! Pick all the little things up off the floor and put them on a table. Make it all easier to see! After everything is up off the floor, go through the pile and remove any garbage or recycling. Then put away the easy stuff (BUT actually put it away! Don’t just put it somewhere else for now – get off your bum and really put it away!!!). Have everyone in the house come to the pile and pick out their precious belongings. If there’s anything left after everyone has taken their stuff, it’s all either donate or trash! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!!

Then – the dusting! Once the floor is clear and the table tops are clear, it’s time to get into the actual cleaning! To get the cleaning done effectively, start with dusting; working from the top down. Don’t forget the corner cobwebs and the vents. Dust everywhere, even the doors and baseboards.

Now – the wiping! Now that there is little to no dust, it’s time to wipe! Grab a cloth, grab the Lysol, whatever you wipe things down with. Do the kitchen cupboard doors and handles, other doors (including closet doors), windows, and light switches and fixtures.

Finally – the vacuuming! Now that all the dirt and dust is at ground level, it’s time to vacuum the floors! Don’t forget the area rugs – and, if they’re small enough, lift them so you vacuum under them.

When the vacuuming is done, and it’s put away – it just might be time to pull out a good book and get lost for a bit with your feet up!

The whole process may take a few hours or even longer, but in the end, you will feel like you have your home and your sanity back!

I usually do this process for each floor as I reach various levels of overwhelm, but I always feel like I am on top of the world at the end of each floor. Even if there’s still more clutter out than I would like.

Good luck with your overwhelm! A cleaner home is just a bit of time and focus away!

You got this!!

Thanks for coming home!

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