Organize any supply or storage closet with a few simple steps

When it comes to a supply closet, it can seem daunting to get it organized. It may seem like a cluttered mess of things that just don’t belong together. Have no (or at least a little less…) fear!! I have laid out some foolproof steps to help get any supply or storage closet, or really ANY closet organized. You will need to set aside some time depending on how full the closet is, but I know these steps will help you conquer it!

1. Know what’s there!

The first step will definitely be to remove EVERYTHING. If you’re truly against pulling it all out, then at the very least, write down everything that’s there. Pro tip: Make it easier to track the items in the closet by hanging a plastic clipboard on the inside of the door. Use it like a whiteboard! Keep an ongoing and up to date list of the things in the closet. If you want to take your organization even further, you could add a date for replacement in your list. If you know how long it takes you to use up items like toilet paper for example, then you can estimate when you’ll need to head to the store or order more.

2. Get rid of stuff!

The next step will be to decide what stays and what goes. Do your best to eliminate half of the stuff! It may seem crazy but trust me, the space will be way easier to use, and you will love the space so much more! Start by thinking about what stuff you truly need in this one space. Think about the stuff that is currently stored there and ask yourself if it should actually be there. Try to think logically. Maybe there’s a better place where the stuff can be stored somewhere else in the house. Use the time when all of your stuff from the closet is spread out everywhere to think critically about the stuff you have. Do you really need it? Could someone else enjoy it? Have you used it recently? Can you replace it for less than 5-10$?

3. Organize and add pizazz!

Ok, now you can play! Or even spend a bit of money if you have some to spare. Make the space functional and efficient to use but also, make it beautiful. Make it speak to you. Add baskets, bins, shelves, shelf dividers, or even a small drawer unit! Make the space work for what you want to store. This is also where you can add some of your own flare! If you love pink, get some pink storage boxes! Got a thing for leopard print, go get some fancy printed shelf liner! Turn the space from ‘boring storage closet’ to ‘I can’t wait to need something from here’.

4. Labels!

Finally, label everything! Label a box, or basket, or even the shelf! Make sure other people in the house know where to find things, but more importantly, where to put things BACK!! It’s so much easier to keep spaces tidy when everything is labeled.

There you have it! 4 simple and foolproof steps. I am not saying they’re all easy or that it doesn’t take time and possibly a bit of money, but it is doable! It is simple! You just gotta work at it.

Now go find your next closet to tackle!

Thanks for coming home!

One comment

  1. Nice and timely for Spring!
    Love the personalized storage colour idea. Pink and Leopard. I can think of two people who would go for that. 😁


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