The 75 hard is getting a bit harder

So because it’s taking up a lot of my mental space and because I am experiencing a ton of success, I just had to share another update on my progress of the 75 hard challenge!

I started on March 1st, eager yet hesitant. Scared about how I could possibly get through all the rules, each and every day! The first week or two, I was still kind of getting used to all the limits and rules of the challenge. Now, on March 31st, I am in the deep end and could not be happier!

I have already lost some of my precious-yet more than ready to say goodbye to it-baby belly, I have built some visible muscles, and I actually feel like I have way more energy than prior to the challenge. AND, ok truth first – I have always been a ‘run for 10 mins max then walk’ kind of runner and, since starting this challenge, I have pushed myself to run for full 45 minute sessions, without walking! It really is amazing what your body can do if you give in and trust it, and push it farther!

The challenge now, though, is that I am finally starting to crave some of the cheats I used to have – things like donuts, chocolate, and ice cream! I know that it will pass, and I will just keep my head down and keep going, but there have been a few times that I have been tempted to reach for those cheats.

I truly feel like everyone should try this challenge! It’s pretty cool to see how you can change your whole essence with just a few tweaks, really. I am not quite halfway through the challenge, and I already feel like a brand new person! I am eager and excited to see how the next month will go, but I have no doubt I will continue to make huge strides – literally! Haha!

Just think, if you start tomorrow, your end date will be June 15! Just in time for summer! Give yourself the gift of more energy, more satisfaction, and more pride in yourself by starting this challenge today! Go back to my previous post (link above, in this post) to see the rules and why you should not be too intimidated by them! You really can do it!!!!

If you start, I wish you the best of luck. If you don’t, then I still wish you the best of luck on everything else you are doing!!

Have you done any fitness challenges before? What have you struggled with? Are you going to try this one? Share in the comments!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I’m looking forward to the next update too. Hang in there on the tough days – you are getting closer to 75 every day. 😊


    • Thank you so much! It feels so good to see less of me in the mirror these days! I really appreciate your reassuring and uplifting feedback! I will be sure to update again in another week or so!


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