Get more energy, try the 75 hard challenge!

One of the best ways to start getting stuff done is to find a way to increase your energy!

Think about the times you have been your most productive, I am sure that you were feeling on top of the world, bouncing around, even juggling multiple things with a bit of ease – but you just can’t do that from the couch! At the moment, when you’re doing it all, you have a lot of energy. As soon as it drains, even the simplest task can seem impossibly daunting! The biggest kiss of death of any task list is one of two things, 1. you pull out your phone for something, or 2. you sit down! Both are energy suckers!

Granted, we all need a break from time to time, but if there are things not getting done that are stressing you out, avoid pulling out your phone and sitting down until one of the “to do’s” is done!

The other way to get more energy is to lead a healthier lifestyle and move more. It always seems counterintuitive!

On March 1st, I started a new challenge called the 75 Hard Challenge. I did not know anything about it before I was gifted a tracking book for it. Before I started, I did a quick google search to see what it was really all about. So, in case you know nothing about it either, here are the basic rules. (Keep in mind that these rules are DAILY rules)

Here are the main 5 rules:

  1. Follow a diet – this can mean following a strict diet like counting calories, carbs, protein, etc. OR it can just mean making better choices, like eating an apple and a banana, instead of a row of oreo cookies!! The idea is just to eat healthier and to focus on it! You have control over what ‘following a diet’ means to you. It gives you free reign! Side note: No cheat meals and no alcohol – 75 days of no cheats! That’s a doozy! And, if you’re a fan of a beer or glass of wine after a hard day, find something else to do instead, like maybe reading (see rule #2!). It may seem daunting, but really try pushing yourself! Use this challenge to find healthier alternatives to some of your normal cheats or experiment with different seasonings on your fruits and vegetables!
  2. 10 pages of reading – Not so bad, right? The idea is that you have to read a self-help or personal development book, but other than that, it’s totally up to you what you read! Get your inspiration, or add new perspectives to your life.
  3. Two 45-minute workouts – Ok, so stick with me here. It’s not as bad as it seems! If you have a membership at a gym already, try a new class! It’s an easy way to get in 45 mins. If you don’t, and you typically don’t do much physical activity, try just looking up a simple beginners workout routine. If you don’t even have workout equipment at home, grab some soup cans for weights, or just search for body weight exercises. As another alternative, if you want something a little calming as well, take the opportunity to try yoga! The key to these two workouts is that one of them has to be outside! I think it’s such a refreshing way to force yourself to get outside! Go for a walk or a light jog, hike through the woods, even shovel snow!! Like the diet rule, there are no rules about what you do. It’s just about being more active than you were! If you really need to, work your way up to 45 mins. Start with 30 mins, and add a couple of minutes every few days. Anything is better than doing nothing! Again, there are no rules about what you do, so make sure that you know your limits or talk to your doctor if you have any major health issues or concerns before giving it a try.
  4. Take a progress picture – 75 days is a long time to commit to something, but it’s more than enough time to see real results at the end of it. Use these progress pictures to really fuel your fire! Use them as inspiration to do something, anything, for your workouts! You can also use them as inspiration for eating better. You will definitely see results, so enjoy the anticipation of seeing your picture on day 75!
  5. Drink 1 gallon of water – It’s a lot of water!! If you have had kids and your bladder just isn’t, umm, where it once was, it can be tricky to make it to the bathroom in such short increments. But drinking so much water is a great way to clear the skin and feel more energized! I truly believe that most people have low energy because they are actually perpetually dehydrated. Give it a try and see how you feel, even after the first week!

This is an intense challenge. It’s supposed to be!!

It’s meant to teach you about yourself! It’s supposed to show you what you’re made of IF you can manage to get out of your own way! The less you modify, the better! And, technically, if you want to be true to the challenge, if there is a day that you don’t complete everything – you gotta start over! Like I said, it’s intense, but it guarantees you a better version of yourself at the end!

Mind, body, and soul!

On top of becoming a better version of yourself, this challenge will give you LOTS more energy! Like I said before, I started this on Wednesday, March 1st, just two days ago!!! Already, I feel a thousand times better than I did on Tuesday. I know that mentally, I am probably still in the honeymoon phase of a new challenge, that eagerness and excitment, and there will for sure be days that I cannot complete everything, but so far so good.

If you already know about this challenge, or if you have completed it before, share in the comments below what you struggled with the most. Share what surprised you the most about yourself and your ability to either fail and keep starting over or to conquer it right off the bat!

Giving yourself a fresh goal or a new challenge is a great way to re-inspire working towards a brand new you!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. […] I can’t say it enough, I really think everyone should try it, especially if you have struggled with trying to lose weight for way too long! Commit to whatever part of it that you can! I promise you will get results! 75 days is really not that long, so why not give it a try? If you’re intrigued and you haven’t read my previous post about the challenge and what the rules are, check it out here!! […]


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