So, you really want to change your life?

Ok, here’s a bit of a reality check… if you really want to actually change your life… you must first, change your words!!

Change your self talk and you will notice tiny changes in your day to day, that will ultimately change your life.

Consider the word changes below:

  • Daily life habits (DLH) instead of chores
  • Meaningful tasks instead of menial tasks
  • I get to instead of I need to
  • Purifying the house instead of cleaning the house
  • Prioritization instead of procrastination
  • Growth zone instead of comfort zone
  • Action instead of overthinking

OR, think about what you’re doing and the choices you’re making!

  • Read a book instead of social media scrolling
  • Think of self compassion instead of self criticism
  • Start creating instead of consuming
  • Try a healthy meal or snack instead of junk food
  • Think gratitude instead of complaining
  • Try investing instead of spending
  • Expose yourself to some sunlight instead of eating sugar
  • Listen to a podcast instead of watching Netflix
  • Try acceptance instead of being stuck on resentment

Simple changes in your everyday language can have a profound impact on your inner voice, which will change your thoughts, which in turn, will eventually change your actions resulting in a life that gives you a better sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Catch yourself in a self defeating moment and jot down some notes about what you’re feeling, what is happening, and who is involved. Look for a pattern to see if you can find some word or action replacements for similar moments in the future.

These small yet impactful changes will eventually change your life!

Thanks for coming home!

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