Finally reached the 75th day!

I did it!! I got to day 75! I have to say, that it actually got a bit easier as time went on!

Though each day I didn’t do EVERYTHING, I still did as much as I could for the whole 75-day period! Now, I am just a couple of days out of the challenge, yet I still feel myself trying to get all of the rules done! Do you want to know why? Because I simply feel better about myself if they are done! If I can use the momentum and mind shift of the challenge to focus on all the rules MOST days, then I will always feel healthier and stronger!

As I said above, I didn’t always follow the rules. I had some days without as much water as the whole one gallon! I had some days where I didn’t get both my workouts in! I had some days when I didn’t prioritize my reading. If I were to stay true to the challenge, then technically, I was supposed to start over each time I missed anything. I told myself at the beginning of the challenge that I was in it for 75 days, and I would simply try my best every day! I knew myself well enough that if I started with the thought that I would need to start over each time that I ‘failed’, I would be “trying” forever. For me, it was 75 days, and that was it! A short and easy commitment.

This was not a do or die challenge for me.

I used it as a way of resetting my expectations of how I spend my time, and a way of prioritizing fitness and healthier living for the 75 days – and if it went well, possibly for life.

Life happens, and sometimes, even though we have tasks that we really want to accomplish, it can’t always happen. Life gets in the way. BUT, it’s not the end of the world. I could botch a day or a workout and still get right back to the challenge ‘to do’ list! This challenge was as much a mental challenge as it was an actual fitness and healthy living challenge. It was more about training my mind to focus on the basic physical needs in life, like water, healthy food, and physical activity.

So, instead of focusing on the goal and the results, I focused on each day and on completing as many of the tasks as possible. And THAT, is how I got results!

Ready to find out how I did??

Since March 1st:

I lost 21 lbs!!! I reached a goal weight that I have been dreaming of for over 15 years!!

I went down 2-3 pant sizes! (depending on the brand)

And, now, I feel stronger, and most importantly, I feel healthy!

Being and feeling healthier is the best reward that I can give not only to myself but also to my kids! I have way more energy to keep up with sports at the park or riding our bikes, even just walking to the local ice cream parlor!

I have recently been decluttering my closet because as I try stuff on, it’s too big!! I haven’t had that issue….ever, I think!! Ok, well, maybe after having babies, but that’s not the same!

Though the challenge was 75 days, it is far from over! I think of it as the 75-day training period for how to deal with my health and fitness for the rest of my days!

I can’t say it enough, I really think everyone should try it, especially if you have struggled with trying to lose weight for way too long! Commit to whatever part of it that you can! I promise you will get results! 75 days is really not that long, so why not give it a try? If you’re intrigued and you haven’t read my previous post about the challenge and what the rules are, check it out here!!

Thank you for your encouragement and comments along the way! It always helps to have people cheering you on!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. Congratulations! I love that you kept going even though some days weren’t “perfect.” That really says a lot for staying the course and not giving up. The reward of feeling so great is so motivational and inspiring. Well done!!


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