Our master closet; All about the roll!

So the master closet! It’s one of the places I always struggle to organize, and mostly declutter! I don’t know why, but I just can’t thoroughly declutter it. Maybe I will need 50 shirts one day!! Well, I will never, but I always end up buying more clothes once my closet is decluttered. Almost like it gives me permission to buy more, when I get rid of some! Throughout the pandemic I have been trying to wear a variety of my clothes, from my more “fancyish” stuff down to my comfy tights. Either way, I still have way too much.

After the purge, I was able to cut my clothing down by just over half! I was super proud of myself. I wanted to figure out some way of not hanging everything. I went through a bit of a phase where I was literally hanging every piece of clothing, well except underwear and socks! I figured that it would be easier than having drawer space (since we got rid of a couple dressers during the purge). I found that while it was great to visually see the clothes that I did have, it was a useless storage solution for other clothes, like pjs!

So, once my closet was slightly emptier, I decided to try the Marie Kondo folding for some items. It works really well for my fitness pants, but not super well for some of my other clothes like fitness tops, or my pjs. I have taller fabric bins for my pjs and I found I was wasting half the height of the bin by folding it that way. Truly though, the simplest solutions is to declutter as much as possible. Since I was going to rebel against that

I decided that I would try rolling my clothes.

I thought to myself why don’t I try that in my closet since it works so well to save space when trying to efficiently pack a suitcase!

Rolling clothes saves so much space!

I may get the same organized feel if I just get rid of more clothes….but….since that’s a struggle for me I might as well see if I can maximize the storage I already have for the clothes I already have. Plus, that way, I can gradually get rid of stuff as I truly don’t wear it, or it wears out. So long as I don’t buy more for a bit, which is way easier during a pandemic! I use a bunch of fabric bins now, and have my clothes organized by type (if they’re not hung up). The fabric bins work very well for my pjs, fitness attire, and some casual clothes.

One of the things I love about our master bedroom is that our closet is very long and narrow, about 10 feet long!! It’s fairly narrow, but that simply means lots of rod space! I have enough rod space that I can separate pants, shirts, dresses, sweaters, and I have a shoe sorter hanging on the rod too. My husband gets a small section for his shirts and pants :).

I have looked up so many tricks for decluttering your closet, and I had seen this many times before and finally decided to give it a try. I turned all of my hangers backwards so the hook comes from the wall rather than points towards the wall. That way, I could get a clear visual of what I was wearing and what I wasn’t. I was able to purge some more clothes at the one year mark, though it was tough to decide to continue to purge or not since the lockdown started (no fancy parties, or any weddings etc!). The pandemic does change what a girl’s gotta keep!

The last thing I did to my closet was add some sticker hooks. I use these to hang my bras. I love it as a way to keep them from getting squished in my fabric bins! I simply stuck them to the side of my shelf tower and voila! Perfect spot for hanging bras, or even tank tops!

What other tricks or tips do you have for decluttering or organizing your closet?

Thanks for coming home!


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