What’s hiding under your bathroom sink?

I am all about making all of the space in my house as functional as possible. My storage places are the easiest way to gain the efficiency that I need in my life! Streamlining all the little spaces is the best way to do it. Small spaces are so easily overlooked. To make the small spaces work best for you, you really need to think about where the space is, what items you use closest to that space, and what tools you need to help you keep everything organized.

Storage under the bathroom sink is a great place to start!

I have one small bathroom on my main floor by the front door. This is the bathroom of course that everyone uses most of the time so I try to keep a few things in here that help everyone not have to go up and down the stairs ALL the time!

Here’s a picture of what is inside my cupboards under the bathroom sink. I want to share a couple of my favourite things about what I store in this space!

The first thing I want to share about my bathroom storage is my seasonal decor! I heard of this tip years ago and I tell you, it is the best!! The seasons change and voila, the house is already partially decorated! It also inspires me to add more decorations around the house. I have my bins in the basement for the rest of my seasonal storage, but I love having a little something in the bathroom, so storing it here just makes sense! I also try to keep it very easy to pull out. I mainly have winter, fall, and summer, so there are only ever three seasonal decor items in my cupboard. One on the bottom, one on the shelf and of course, one on display.

The other tip I heard about when my kids were young is to keep a few key things close to the front door of the house; easy does it when the bathroom is next to it! I don’t think I could count on my hands the number of times have I sent the kids up to brush their teeth before school only to have them act like I just asked them, well…to brush their teeth! But they act more like I have asked them to cut off their own arms! Or the number of times they tell me, after their shoes are on and they’re ready to head out the door, that it’s crazy hair day, or that they wanted gel in their hair this morning. Or the mornings that I haven’t had time to actually put any make up on! Well to keep those moments easier and efficient, I try to keep the items we need for them in this bathroom cupboard! I have their toothbrushes, hair gel, sometimes hair spray on colour, some of my make up, some lotion, and hiding behind there is some sunscreen! And, obviously, no bathroom would be complete without extra rolls of toilet paper!!

This biggest tip, and I cannot emphasize it enough…

Try not to overfill the space!

It’s easy to get carried away with adding stuff just because you have the space to use. Make your space easier to manage by really keeping it to the essentials, that is what you deem to be essential in that space. Again, ask yourself what you need the most in that room, or around that room. Then decide how to store it all. If it starts to feel too crowded, ask yourself the same questions again. Do I really need two lotions in one small space? Realistically? Probably not, but one is smelly for me, and one is not, for the kids – they can’t possibly smell like mommy!

What is one thing you store under your bathroom sink?

Thanks for coming home!


  1. Great tips. It’s so hard to not fill up that space and make it a pain to find things. I like the convenience of a toothbrush in the main floor bath even for those without children. And love the decor idea.
    One thing I store in my main floor bathroom cupboard is a large glass flower vase. It’s easy to access when I need it, and I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it that didn’t take up valuable space.


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