If you want to live in the moment, plan ahead!

It’s such a strange concept, to plan ahead to live in the moment. But truly, it does make sense!

Think about a time when you wanted to live in the moment…Let’s say you had an afternoon that you had nothing on, and the kids say they want to go to the park, or a friend wants to get together for coffee. You agree (so that you can live in the moment) and you head off to the park, or have that friend over. Let’s say you’re having so much fun you don’t even pay attention to the time, since you’re living in the moment and all. Now it’s suddenly 5:00 pm and you have no clue what to make for dinner…because you are living in the moment! Do you order take out? Head to a restaurant? Make a frozen dinner? Or still make a homemade delicious meal?

The idea is, that if you plan a little bit, it becomes easier to live in the moment. 

If you have a plan for meals especially, it becomes way less stressful when random things happen to your day. Whether it’s an emergency that comes up, or a random last minute visit, or a trip out for some shopping.

When you plan your meals, you actually free up your time.

The same is true if you plan a couple activities or priorities for your day. You don’t need such a long list that it makes you feel overwhelmed. Plan to get even just one thing done. Do it right away. Like clean the toilets. If that’s your goal for the day, then do it right away, so that the rest of the day can just happen without any worries.

Planning a bit each day works to increase my productivity. BUT, I find that taking it one step further makes my weeks seem so much more productive and freeing! I try to plan my meals, and 5 other things (for the ENTIRE WEEK!!!) It may seem like it would be too simple, and that there are way too many things on anyone’s to do list to make it work that way. BUT…

If I get all 5 things done on Monday (or even 3 things)…then I have all week, where I could still add in other chores if I want to boost my productivity even more, OR I could spend some time on a hobby, or hanging out with friends, even go on a last minute overnight if I wanted! 

This is a great concept for those weeks when you are just burnt out, and overwhelmed from life. Just pick 5 things you have to do for the week! JUST 5!! You can do it!

I hugely live by the concept of work hard, play harder!

Even with kids and puppies running under foot, and online learning…I find my week is so much more smooth if I plan a TEENY WEE BIT!

The other thing that I love about thinking of planning for a week is that it creates back up plans. I don’t necessarily assign each meal to each day, but I rather work from a list of meals; same for chores, I don’t like to have a specific task on each day, but if I know what needs to get done for the week, I make it happen. If something comes up, or the weather is great and we are outside more, or a coffee date takes longer and I need to make something in less time, I can pick a meal that works better for that day, but at least I don’t have to rely on ordering out (unless it’s planned!) Even tasks, though I hope to get most things done on Monday to free up the week, if Monday becomes crazy, then I know I have to get it done another day (but if I give myself all week, then it becomes easier to manage in my mind.)

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I love this! You put such a positive spin on productivity without being too rigid. Also love the last line about mind management.
    It’s so great to plan ahead so that you can enjoy life and not be hard on yourself when the day takes a twist.


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