Sometimes a quick wipe is better than a deep clean!

Sometimes a quick wipe is enough. Sometimes, it’s the pure act of needing to pull out all the cleaning supplies that makes you say to yourself “ugh!! Not today toilet, but I’ll get you soon!”

Sometimes you just need to think of your time a bit differently.

Think of the times when you’re standing at your sink, brushing your teeth…maybe you could quickly wipe the sink (fingers are great at getting bits out of the bowl), or tidy the counters, or wipe the cupboard doors. Get two sinks done in one day and use one toothbrush in the powder room in the morning and your own bathroom one at night!

Think of when you’re using the bathroom…you could straighten up books or magazines (if you keep any in the bathroom…not weird, right?), double check the status of your toilet paper, make sure there is enough soap, if you can reach, you could even wipe down the cupboard doors while you go.

In the shower? Why not spray some water on the tile wall and quickly wipe it with your hands, make sure all the soap leaves the tub as the water drains, rinse off the shampoo bottles so they don’t get as….icky on the bottoms.

Waiting for someone at the front door? Maybe straighten up the shoes, sort the mail, make sure keys are accounted for, put away hats, gloves, sunglasses or anything else that doesn’t belong!

Talking on the phone? Why not tidy up a few easy to spot, out of place things and put them where they belong!

Waiting for the pot to boil? Wash a dish or two, or empty or fill the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen table, or even make a super easy dessert.

Waiting for the dog to pee in the yard? Wipe down the windows with a dust free towel, pick up any leaves or chunks of dirt by the back door, bring in any kids toys from the deck that they didn’t bring inside after asking them only about ten thousand times!!

There are so many tiny ways that you can make great use of your time.

Often the hardest part is staying motivated to do these little things in the little moments that you have throughout the day. Doing these little things are what makes the bigger things easier to handle. When you have to do the big things AND ALL of the little things, it can be overwhelming and lead to more ‘rebelling’ against what you know needs to happen.

What are your best super quick tips?

Thanks for coming home!

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  1. I try to do this. It’s those little successes that build up during the day that help make you feel great by the end of it.


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