Redesigning the home office!

A lot of people have been working from home through this pandemic. My husband occasionally had some work from home days prior to COVID, but…his home office didn’t have the best…umm…feng shui, if you will. A few years ago I started painting half of the basement, but with the home office already set up, I hadn’t painted the office side of the basement yet.

We finally decided to rearrange his office, and give him a less dungeon like background.

Like the rest of the house, there was a bit of decluttering to be done around his desk.

My husband worked hard on decluttering the area, and was even able to eliminate an entire book shelf!

We tried to think of all of our options. We thought about doing a bit of renovating in the basement (it was “faux” finished when we moved in and we have been making do since…so already it’s not the prettiest). We thought about the simplicity of installing a wall to separate his office a little more. But considering the state of the rest of the basement we would just need to tear down the wall when we did a more complete reno of the basement.

So, in the end all we did was declutter, repaint and rearrange!

Suddenly, it’s like a brand new office!

I love how easy it is to alter your space with a bit of light work and hardly spending any money. (Especially since I already had half the paint!)

It’s so easy to get carried away and think that the only way to change a space is to do a complete renovation, but really it’s not that hard to make your whole house feel different simply by rearranging the furniture. Sometimes it’s the only fix you need to simplify your space (along with decluttering continuously). We could have spent upwards of 20,000$ on a basement renovation, instead we spent under 75$ and ended up with a noticeably improved space.

Happy rearranging!

Thanks for coming home!

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