Pulling the clutter out of the yard!

I have been spending a crazy amount of time picking/pulling/tearing weeds from the yard. Over the past couple weeks I have had an entire yard waste bag full! Like to the top! Just weeds! My yard is not even that big!!!

After (and during) pulling countless weeds you start to think about the weeds, and you tend to look at your progress a lot. I know! I did it for a LONG time! For many different days!

While pulling a few more weeds today it got me comparing the yard to my house; and the weeds to my clutter!

You need to pull the weed from the root!

The clutter (or the weeds) will keep building up all over again, if you can’t get all the way down to the root. The need to determine why the clutter is accumulating, or the root cause, is paramount! Without figuring out why all the clutter is building up, it will be almost impossible to conquer it. Clutter is usually filling some kind of void. Filling an emptiness. It’s hard to pinpoint until you really dig deep and examine your clutter. Sometimes the void could be boredom, or lack of self confidence even, it could even be that you just don’t really have a goal for your money, it could even be that during your day to day you only have time for the absolute essentials, there’s no time to get ahead. However you are getting clutter, think about something else you could do instead. Or create a more detailed plan or goal for your money. If it comes down to shopping, try going for a walk before you go shopping, maybe if you’re tired, you’ll buy less…

Weeds hide under the other weeds!

The other thing I got thinking about, is that often where I would find one weed and pull it, there would be a couple more (maybe even a different kind) hiding underneath. They were only visible once the first, bigger weed was pulled. Just like clutter in the home! Often you stash stuff under other stuff because there is not enough room for all of the stuff. You need to clear some of the big things just to see what you have. If you only take the top stuff out, there is still not yet beautiful grass underneath! You have to pull it ALL out to so that you can make sure the grass can take over, or the space in the home can be free of the mess.

Under the weeds, you find the beautiful grass!

The last thing it got me thinking about, is that you can’t fully appreciate the true beauty of good grass, if you haven’t yet pulled ALL the weeds. It takes some hard work, but the beauty is there! It’s just under all weeds, or all the clutter. You need to clear all the weeds, or clear all the clutter, to find the true beauty of your home. Presumably, you bought your house because there was something that you loved about it! Find that thing again by uncovering it, uncluttering it, and start enjoying it!

The yard, or the house, will always need a bit of work to maintain that beauty. There’s no easy fix. But, some hard work a couple times a year is nothing compared to the beautiful yard, or home, you could have!

Happy Spring – finally!

Thanks for coming home!

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