What is self care anyway?

There are some basic things that come to my mind when I think of self care. Mainly things like eating well, sleeping, adding some kind of fitness into your day. But really, to me, these are basic needs, not really self care.

I also think of things like going for a walk, having a bath, maybe lighting a smelly candle, or reading a book. When I dig deep though, these things don’t actually rejuvenate me. Perhaps it’s just me…

I’ve spent sooo much time over the last few years trying to really think of ways to de-stress. I have tried to make lists of ways that I can take care of my own needs…but truly? It usually makes me feel more stressed because it seems like it’s just another chore that gets added to my never ending to do list of things I never make a priority. I know it’s not really a waste if it’s actually something that helps me relax a bit, but is it worth it if it adds more stress?

I’ve EVEN tried to search Pinterest for ways that other people de-stress so that I could try doing what other people do.

As I was getting out of the shower the other day, I couldn’t help but breath in the fresh clean smell of my towel. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks…or like a soft towel. De-stressing, for me anyway, maybe isn’t even about bath time, or going for a walk or yoga (it very well could be for some people). For me, it might be more about taking the time to do small things that make me say “Oh I love that!!!”. Small things that make me really happy or proud. Like laundering the towels so I have that fresh smell. Or maybe its climbing into bed with fresh clean sheets. Ok, wait a minute…it’s not always about cleaning things, but for me smells can be so powerful!

I started writing a new list in my phone as I have made it through the week. It allowed me to come up with my own version of a de-stressing list. It does sometimes add a few extra chores, but if at the end of it I am more happy and more satisfied well, then I can tolerate some of the other stuff that stresses me out! Maybe for me, it’s not about bath time. (Honestly I feel like that kills my productivity even more AND makes me feel more stressed!!) Now I can slowly start creating my own personalized perfect list; my de-stressful list!

Thanks Pinterest, you’ve been great, but this?…I gotta do this one on my own.

As you go through your week, think about taking the time to personalize your self care options! Try to write down at least 5 things that make you pause and go “oh that’s the best!” Those things are the things that will rejuvenate you the most. Those things will be what goes on your list!! That becomes the top priority of things to do during the week! The rest of your to do list, or work activities that you are required to do will become much more tolerable! Or dare I say…enjoyable?

Welcome to a fresh clean way of thinking about what you need AND making it a priority.

Thanks for coming home!

One comment

  1. That is such a fresh new perspective. And it is so true that adding the typical self care items to an already over burdened list of to do’s totally kills the self care relaxation aspect. Best to choose your own personalized pleasures for true self care. Love this!


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