The scariest time of the year…

I bet you thought this was going to be about Halloween, didn’t you? Well, guess what else is scarier?

Christmas is exactly 8 weeks away!


How ready are you? If you’re like most people, you are probably just focusing on getting through Halloween first, I mean come on! It’s only October 29th! But Christmas comes up so fast! It’s easy not to think about it too much through the first half of November, because Halloween only JUST passed! Then suddenly it’s mid November, so you buy a couple things and think you’re doing pretty well. But then…the calendar starts to fill up with Christmas parties, and office Christmas events, and parades, and special breakfasts with Santa – then it’s suddenly December 20th!

It comes up that fast!

Maybe you read from my other post (Christmas comes early!) that Christmas in my mind is no longer on Dec 25th! In my mind Christmas is actually on the 15th! That way, I can do all of my last minute ‘panic’ shopping during the middle of December. Yes, the stores are jammed, but no where close to as jammed anytime after the 15th!

It’s honestly, one of THE best Christmas hacks that I have ever accidentally stumbled upon!

So…that 8 weeks in the future really becomes between 6-7 weeks away!

Enjoy Halloween – don’t get me wrong! I know I love it! I soak it all in while the kids are still young.

But once it’s over, it’s Christmas planning time!

Hope this post didn’t frighten you too much! Happy Halloween!

Thanks for coming home!


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