Pressure your time to get more done!

Sometimes to get a bit more done you need a bit of pressure on your time. I find that if I know I have all day to do a task it takes me hours of procrastination (crossing off less important priorities to avoid doing the one thing that I really need to do!) just to do a task that only takes about an hour or less!

I usually find that the last hour before picking up the kids from school is often my best hour…or was…until I got a dog!

In my last hour, I decided to tackle my own desk. It has been a neglected space for a while, and despite my cleaning it somewhat regularly, it still builds up with stuff.

So, I decided it would be easy to quickly attack the space and whip it back into shape during my last hour and a bit before getting the kids.

It started off looking something like this…

I started pulling out papers and making piles for recycling and garbage…until the dog started to eat and shred the papers, and required me to chase her around the house with the garbage in her mouth…

So, I started piling it all in different spots then basically taking it to the trash and recycling right away instead. I started to use the ledge of the window to put some of the extra notebooks and pens, thinking that the dog wouldn’t get anything from there…Well, the next time I turned around, there she was, with a pen sticking out of her mouth! If she wasn’t so fast, I would have snapped a few photos.

My timer started going off to go get the kids and I was not happy with my progress! The dog, now hearing the timer, knows that it’s time to go and she starts pestering me. Knowing I usually have a few minutes even after my alarm is going off, I start increasing the speed of my sorting, only to find the dog now eating shoes, and scratching at the door…

Needless to say, an hour with a dog is different than an uninterrupted hour of time! I did not get finished what I wanted to, but at least it’s better than it was.

Frustrated, I head off to get the kids. Upon returning home, while the dog is occupied playing with the kids, I steal another 10 minutes of time to “finish” off my progress and make the desk even more useable.

Now I can finally work at my own desk!

I feel like I was able to accomplish more in my 10 minute block than dring the block that was more than one hour! Definitely more than I had done throughout the day on this task!

Now to relax!

Sometimes having more pressure against your time actually makes you more productive! It’s weird the way it works. When I know I need to get something done, I pick a time of day that gives me a bit of pressure to perform. It’s not always the best way to do things, but it’s surprising just how much I can get done that way!

Thanks for coming home!

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