Out with the old, in with the new!

Ever heard of filling a stocking to have a stocking filled? We have always tried to encourage the kids to think about reusing/regifting/donating the items they no longer use. It was always important to me to introduce them to those skills while they were young.

One idea I read about while the kids were young, was the idea of donating to Santa. Maybe the kids are sad to see their stuff go, but if it means they will get new toys it may be enough to motivate them. Maybe Santa needs to reuse the toys to make new ones. The kids had to fill their stocking leading up to Christmas, so that Santa could come and fill their stocking with new toys after removing the old ones. It requires a bit of special coordination, but it’s so interesting to see what the kids decide.

Of course – they asked why we weren’t filling ours, so we also participated. We were able to pick and choose quite a few items over the years. It’s a great way to get rid of a few things (especially just before getting more!) It’s great to teach the kids that it’s ok to let go of items they once loved, in order to get new items to love.

So why not try it out this year? If it’s hard to start as a new tradition, why not blame it on COVID. Something like, “it’s harder to get supplies, so Santa needs some old toys in order to make new ones for next Christmas.

The kids can start filling the stockings now and they can keep adding to it or changing the items in it, until Christmas eve. It’s quite a magical sight to see.

Be jolly, and donate a few items this Christmas!

Thanks for coming home!

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