Baking Day!

So, since everything is already ready for Christmas….right? Since the 15th….right?? (Here’s why: Christmas comes early!) Get creative with your family time. School is done for the holiday season, the kids are already too excited for Christmas, and you’re wondering what to do to keep the kids entertained next week…all…week….long?

Have a baking day!

Pick out 5-6 recipes or make one huge batch of one recipe and just keep on baking all day! Let the kids pick out some recipes, or if they (and you) are adventurous enough, then you can have them make up their own creation…Pull out some ingredients that go well together and let them do their thing. We have had success with a combination of chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles, cereals, some already made or store bought cookies for adding decorations to, or for crumbling. Add some sauces, or whipped cream and some cherries! It’s fun to give them the freedom to create!

Then after all the baking is done, or maybe after dinner, have a sampling…if you can stomach it, depending of course on the kids creations and ingredients!

Maybe make a special apron for the tastiest treat baker and make it a bit of a competition. You could even pull out the apron every year to reignite the contest.

Have fun playing in the kitchen!

Thanks for coming home!

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