Declutter your grocery shopping

Ok, so this concept stems from meal planning. If you don’t meal plan yet, you may want to consider starting to at least plan dinner.

Do you ever plan something that is totally unreasonable for whatever reason then find yourself with leftover groceries you didn’t use?

Do you make a list for grocery shopping? Do you add essentials then wing it for the rest of it? Do you detail your list so you buy just enough? Or are you buying extras everytime?

What about impulse buys at the grocery store….no one does that, right??

Do you find that the food overflows your kitchen even after you try to put it all away. Maybe your mind is cluttered while you are shopping.

Shop, declutter your cart, then checkout!

Sometines you need to declutter your shopping cart before you even check out. Ask yourself, do I really need this?? If you stick to your list and are firm with yourself you are probabky ok. But if you’re like me, you may be able to put away at least a few items!

If you did put away a few items during every shop you will save your kitchen, your garbage and your wallet!

So start reviewing your cart before you get in line. Get some extra steps as you put away a couple of those non-essential items!

Make it a game! I’m all about adding fun!See if you can find just 5 items to put back. See what happens the next time you’re shopping! Maybe overtime you will naturally avoid some of those old habits!

Thanks for coming home!

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