Avoid Christmas morning bed head

So the kids are up early and ready to go on christmas morning. You try to catch up, by at LEAST having a pee…then glance in the mirror…

Yikes, hair everywhere?

Maybe you just throw your hair up into a messy bun, or quickly run a brush through it. Maybe you just deal with the front and leave the nest of the mess at the back.

My new favourite sleeping trick is to sleep with a very high bun. Use one of those coily phone cord elastics, not overly tight. It may not be super pretty for sleeping, but if you can find a way to sleep with it comfortably, then when you let your hair down in the morning it will have a slight natural wave, rather than a knotted mess.

It helps to have long hair, but really as long as you can get it twisted into a bun on the top of your head than many lengths work.

Fiddle around with it to see what works for you, but honestly it has significantly simplified my morning hair routine!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Thanks for coming home!

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