Spring Cleaning

I can feel that spring is getting closer. We have been having a few warmer days sprinkled into the end of winter lately, and it makes me so excited!

I love spring! It makes me feel like suddenly the days are longer so I can better pace my day between work, housework, family life and my own personal goals! Basically, spring just makes me think that I can do anything! (I just gotta prioritize!)

One thing I feel, and maybe many of you too, is that spring is a time for major deep cleaning. It feels good to open up windows and get some fresh air – but doing so makes you aware of the dirt on the window screen or in the windowsill. Because of the big swings in temp and rain/snow it’s also super muddy at the front door and somehow it gets tracked throughout the house! There’s also outside yardwork to attend to! There is simply so much that I want to be able to clean during springtime!

If any of you have been following my blog for a while you may remember how much I hate cleaning!! Ok, so hate may be a strong word, I love having a clean house, and some cleaning tasks are more rewarding than others, but cleaning just never ends!

Having to devote sooo much of your life to cleaning the house makes me feel like I am wasting my life!

It’s easier to pace yourself!

Each month I spread out the deep cleaning tasks. So, my house may not be deep cleaned all at once, but it’s ok! So long as the system is maintained, then it is still deep cleaned throughout the year.

Make a cleaning plan!

To get started with your deep cleaning schedule, do a walk through your house – try not to think about anything that you clean daily or even weekly. Think of the things that you want to clean only one time every couple of months, or once per year, or even things you would like to stay on top of monthly. For me, deep cleaning the fridge is something I would love to do monthly, but it usually ends up being wider spread apart. So, I have on my monthly calendar, one of the days of the first week is deep clean the fridge. Sometimes I may not get to it, but having a reminder pop up on my phone each month means that the next month I will get to it. It takes me sometime to clean it out and wipe it all down, but I try to pair it with a day that has less of the weekly cleaning tasks.

I also use one of the first weekends in a month to do a more seasonal job or bigger task. Like steam clean the carpets, or clean the inside and outside of the windows, or launder and store the winter gear. When you spread out all these bigger tasks it really changes the mindset from overwhlem and choosing to neglect it because that is easier, to a mindset where you say “ok…we can do this!”

Breaking things down make me feel like I can actually accomplish more. If I had one long list of spring cleaning that had all of the deep cleaning tasks on one list, I would likely get overwhelmed, maybe tackle half of a job, then leave it all for another day! Like I said, most of the time, I do not actually like to clean! Especially do extra than the minimal daily stuff.

But doing one task each day for a week, or one task every few days, even one task during one weekend of the year! Well, it really breaks it down enough for me to feel like I can handle it.

Plus, breaking it down can lead to more fun spring projects. If you use some sort of system that keeps your deep cleaning ongoing than you may be able to manage your time such that you can use your weekend time to build a new garden planter box for example. Or do a bigger project like levelling some patio stones!

Doing a bit, but doing it more often, will help keep the task list manageable! Because really…who wants to spend these beautiful spring days trapped in and deep cleaning!

Thanks for coming home!

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