Modernize your timer!

Timers are a fantastic way to either limit your time or stay focused on a task. It keeps you efficient and on point for the duration of the task – or it can anyway. If you are doing something that you know could potentially keep you ‘busy’ all day, set a timer so that you can still be productive in other ways. If you’re trying to get your chores done, setting a timer is a great way to keep you motivated to get your chores done quicker so you can have more time to do the things you actually want to do.

I have mentioned the use of timers in a few other posts of mine simply because I think they are just great motivators! It’s also a good way to teach kids how to use their time effectively.

But, I have to say, the very best timer is music! Need a 30 minute timer? Pick 5-6 of your favourite ‘pick me up’ type songs and blast the Alexa, or Google, or Spotify or whatever else you use to play your music! Play it loud and get your stuff done. It’s amazing how uplifting it is to get your stuff done while listening to some great tunes.

If you are working on organizing or decluttering your space – play music! I bet you will be even more productive than if it’s just quiet and you are getting lost in your own thoughts!

If you’re like me, you might not get the freedom to turn those tunes up during the day. I have a basement-work-from-home-er here, so my volume has to be a bit limited…well a lot! But get some music on your phone, or do it at a time when others are home and have everyone work on separate jobs for the timer!

Set up playlists for different lengths of timers – that way you can pick more of your favourite songs! Who knows, you might even find your chores more exciting when you know what songs are on your playlist! Listening to good ol’ favs is like hanging out with an old best friend!

Got some house cleaning to do tomorrow? Go create a play list now! Have it done before bed tonight so that you can get excited to listen to the songs tomorrow while you’re working! Add some of your favourite sing along songs to really take it up a notch! If there is too much fighting over who’s favourites get added to the playlist, add a song (or two) for each member of the household – that way each person has a song to look forward to while they are working hard!

Now go crank up the volume!

Thanks for coming home!

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