The last 90 days!

Way back in January, I posted about planning your resolutions so that you didn’t really HAVE to change your whole life on January 1st! Because, I mean really, who does that?! I am still in party mode at that point! I don’t want to change my diet, or start my fitness routine, or start any new goals! I want to enjoy and recover! My previous post on this topic (Thinking ahead…) is about how you can plan ahead to stretch your goal start date to March 1st. That way, you have time to plan out what mini goals you can set along the way and start ready and eager on March 1st.

But what if we planned even farther ahead.

What if we used the last 90 days instead?!

That way, when January 1st rolls around, the new changes fit like a well oiled machine!

It’s great to start anything that betters you as a person, no matter when and what conditions, but sometimes you need something to strive for. Sometimes you need a deadline to get your butt off the ground.

October 1st is coming up around the corner (I can’t believe it!) October 1st is a great time to start planning ahead for any New Year’s resolutions you may have. October 1st – well actually the 2nd but who’s counting!? – is 90 days before January 1st. The trick for your mind is that if you are already working on or achieving some of your goals by January 1st, then the holidays are merely a blip in your routine. Not the end of the old you, or anticipation of the new you. It’s simply you on your journey.

Between October to January you have 3 months to set your goals, start practicing new habits or routines, making it easy to jump right back into after a day “off” here and there through the holidays.

No matter what your goals are for 2023!

If it’s finances you want to focus on, great! Start a plan on October 1st, get it into motion, and you will have a less financially stressful holiday season AND you will have already been practicing the changes by the time January comes so it will be easier to reach your financial goals for the year!

If it’s fitness, why not start a program now, you will feel that much more fabulous come the holidays! You may even need to do some early shopping for new clothes!

No matter what goals or resolutions you may have for yourself for 2023, why not just start now instead? Why wait?

It’s amazing what we can do when we set our mind to something, so make the most of your goals or resolutions, and just get started. Even if you simply pick one thing to start working towards now!

Resolutions aren’t necessarily for January – There’s almost not enough time to plan out a new lifestyle at that point. October is way easier, especially if your kids are in school!

Get ready for the 1st!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I’m a great fan of doing a pre-Christmas detox because it compensates upfront for any indulgence, and I’m much less likely to go completely off the rails if I’ve already put in some hard work.


  2. I like this! It takes a lot of pressure off the whole idea of New Years resolutions and that feeling that you’ve let yourself down within the first week of the New Year. It seems like a much kinder way to implement change.


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