Try on winter and declutter summer

The end of September is upon us, and that means that the stores already have their winter stuff out and it might even be on sale now or soon! It’s crazy how much the stores are ahead of the seasons.

I love using this time of year to check on our winter supplies. Living in Canada means our winters can get pretty cold and they sneak up on us while we think it’s not coming yet! So, it’s definitely worth making sure our gear fits and that it’s still in good shape.

The first priority is that everyone has winter clothing that fits. We check on winter coats, snow pants, boots, hats, gloves and scarves. Everyone should have at least one of everything that fits, and keeps us warm.

The winter check is also great for making sure there are window scrapers and some extra blankets tucked away somewhere in each car – for the just in case moments.

I also like to switch out our seasonal storage of our winter and summer stuff. Things like our winter shovels, sleds, and of course checking on the snow blower.

Speaking of switching our seasonal storage – this is also the perfect time to sort through some of the summer stuff before storing it. No sense storing something that is worn out or broken or something that you don’t need anymore.

This is the time for getting rid of old bikes that are too small, or roller blades that don’t fit. It’s a great time to put some of the summer toys or pool toys into deep storage.

It’s also the perfect time to sort through shoes! Get rid of worn out sandals or running shoes, toss the shoes that are too worn out from the summer, and donate or sell the shoes that still have some life left.

Go through old bathing suits and find any where the elastic is starting to wear out! Go through sunscreen bottles and get rid of old ones, or if you have multiples of the same kind, why not try to compile them in one container instead.

Also sort through hats, or at least use the time to wash them so they’re ready for next season.

Take advantage of the changing seasons!

Rather than stuffing everything somewhere for next season, sort through it! Don’t store something you won’t use next year!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. No matter how many winters you have lived through, somehow it is always a surprise when it is that season again. ❄️


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