More on the last 90 days

I wanted to expand on the last 90 days post from last week.

There’s no need to completely overhaul everything on October 1st either. It’s all about gradual progress and habit building.

So, let’s say that you have a goal of being at the gym working out at least 5 days per week by January 1st. That may mean that through October you plan on going to the gym 2x per week, then November it increases to 3x, then December it’s 4x, now suddenly, January 1st has arrived, and you can easily add that extra day, without needing to completely change your current lifestyle.

Or maybe you have a goal of decluttering the house during the month of January. You may start in October with the main floor, then November add the basement, then December can be the upstairs if you have one. Then by the time January comes around, you have the house mostly decluttered and you simply might need to go through the more sentimental stuff.

It’s about building up the change, rather than suddenly changing.

If your New Year’s resolution will be something about flossing your teeth everyday. The habit can be hard to maintain if you don’t already have a decent habit built up around your oral hygiene. If you need to build it up start slower. Maybe in October it’s about flossing 3 times per week, then flossing every other day in November, then jump to 5 times per week in December. Then it’s easy again to jump to everyday flossing.

Make your goals achievable by starting with baby steps. Use the last 90 days to really build the new habits now, that you will want to have in place in January.

No matter what, setting new goals that require you to do some major changes are challenging – even more so with the pressure of New Year’s. So make your life easier by practicing your new habits first.

Learning to play an instrument, doesn’t start with the recital. You need to practice your songs before you can perform them well. Same with new habits, or big changes. It all requires a bit of practice.

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall back into old habits when you are trying to change. So make your new habits a priority. Put them at the top of your to do list so that you remember that they need to be done first or as soon as possible. It’s easier to do what you have always done, but then you never get to that better place. That better version of yourself that you swear is in there somewhere, underneath the day to day grind!

Have fun with your last 90 days!

Thanks for coming home!

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