Kick the clutter for February

It’s challenge time again! February is just around the corner and I plan to give you a kick the clutter challenge each month so that by the end of 2023 you have a little less clutter to stress about! Each month will focus on a different area of the house, and each month I will suggest some things to really think about getting rid of.

Kick the clutter for February is all about…

The kitchen!

With my focus on health and food, we may as well start with the kitchen.

Here are my top 5 things you may want to get rid of or rethink where/how you keep your kitchen stuff:

  1. Random kitchen appliances that you haven’t used in a long time! Especially the single use appliances!
  2. Go through any and all junk drawers in the kitchen. Toss any garbage and get rid of anything you no longer ‘need’ or even WANT to keep in your junk drawer!
  3. Get rid of some of your glassware or plates that you no longer use. Keep a set that you love and use daily, rethink the need to keep “fancy dishes” or seasonal dishes.
  4. Get rid of some of your old dish cloths or tea towels. If your kitchen linens are getting smelly even after one use, it may be time for some new ones!
  5. Finally, rethink your valued real estate. Make sure you are using your space wisely. Anytime you are grabbing something, ask yourself if where you keep it, is working for you and if it’s easy to access.

Work through the whole kitchen, top to bottom over the weeks in February and be mindful of how you use the space in your kitchen. Set it up now so that the space works more efficiently for you so that you can focus your energy on other things that are important to you.

Thanks for coming home!

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