Be smart about your closet space

Ok, so you have amazing organizing products in your closet so that you can use the space to the maximum efficiency, right? But, you find that you are still running out of space, so you start using the back of your closet door and any nook and cranny you can find, right? I mean, there is storage space to maximize, so why not, right??


Declutter first! Don’t find better or more efficient ways to use your space until you first spend a bunch of time decluttering. If your closet space is holding your stuff in a way that you can easily grab anything you want from it, you are way more likely to love it, enjoy using it, and even show it off. It’s not about using every inch of space to hold all of the stuff! It’s about keeping and organizing the items that you love.

I mean, there are so many ways to maximize your closet, including bins, baskets, wardrobe organizers, shelves, shoe racks, and even specialized tiered hangers that allow you to hang EVEN MORE CLOTHES!!! Ok, truth – I do have some of these hangers, and they are great! BUT, they are not at all jammed in! I have enough room on my rod to spread them out or condense them.

The storage products that can make your space more efficient can also be a cause of adding more clutter to your life. Instead of having one hanger that holds one item, you now have one hanger that holds many items. Now consider jamming that to the brim; you’ve actually now multiplied your wardrobe by many!! That’s a lot of possible excess in your closet, and it’s a lot more laundry and a lot more of the “why can’t I find that one shirt? It’s here somewhere!” headache!

Just because you have space does not mean you need to fill it.

The same can be applied to any closet in your house. A storage closet, for example. If you fill a storage closet so full that you need to move 10 things just to get to that one thing you need, you are eventually not going to need that one thing, or worse, you will just leave it out in the open cluttering up some other area of the house because it’s just too darn hard to put away!

An efficient use of space means that you can easily access all of the things that you love or that you need. Create organizing solutions with that in mind to truly maximize your closets.

Thanks for coming home!

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